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"EUR + OVAL + IPPC stamps set"

"EUR + OVAL + IPPC stamps set"

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"Set of steel stamps for pallets EUR + OVAL + Spikelet (phytosanitary) for long-term work in difficult conditions. Pallets shipped abroad are marked with a special marking - IPPC, EUR, OVAL IPPC sign or spikelet - indicates that the presented pallet has passed phytosanitary treatment. (Size 63x55 mm) EUR sign - indicates that the pallet is manufactured in EU mills in compliance with all requirements and standards. (Size 100x60 mm) Sign OVAL - Any logo of your order (Size 100x60 mm)

We can produce stamps according to your requirements. In particular, add the code of the region, enterprise and other data in the phytosanitary stamp, as well as change the size of the stamps. This may change the price. All stamps are made in mirror reflection for correct application to the surface of pallets. Set of stamps for pallets EUR + OVAL + Spikelet made of brass Stamp heaters "
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