Set carbide stamps - Arabic numbers. 00-01022685 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
"Set carbide stamps - Arabic numbers"

Set carbide stamps - Arabic numbers

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This set of stamps is made in Belarus. Specify the specific sizes of the managers. Brands are used in production, mainly in order to leave marking on parts that are not involved in the operation of the entire mechanism. You can use the stamps manually (percussion marks), and using a mechanical press (punches). Every locksmith knows the importance of high-quality impact stamps, since the stamping process in his work is a daily routine. Every detail of stamp and detail of form is subject to branding. Accordingly, impact marks that are made of low quality, quickly fail from fragile material (the image is fuzzy and illegible), and the master often has to completely replace sets of carbide stamps, and this is not cheap. And if the manufacturer added alloy steel to the alloy, the stamp can even crumble. But stamps are needed not only in production, but also in fine jewelry (jewelry made of precious metals), stamps are placed on wood while forest cutting. Our company has been releasing stamping products for several years on the market, and has established itself among the competitors in the best way. Only qualified specialists work for us, we use high-quality alloys in our production. In this section you can easily order a set of carbide stamps - Arabic numbers, choose the required font size (six, eight, ten and twelve millimeters) at a reasonable price. Our operators will instantly process your application, and soon the purchase will be in your hands. Ten stamps with numbers from 0 to 9 are included. The durable alloy increases the stamp resource.
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