Set carbide stamps - Cyrillic. 00-01022686 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
"Set carbide stamps - Cyrillic"

Set carbide stamps - Cyrillic

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This set of stamps is producted in Belarus. Specify the availability of specific size with managers.Our company makes high-quality stamps from the corresponding material. Stamps are very important in production activities. Using them manufacturer can make marking prescribed by GOSTs or company logo. We produce impact stamps that would not be deformated under the influence of high temperatures and constant hammer blows. If your activity is related to the production of parts, woodworking, or even the jewelry business, you should understand how important stamp strength is. On this section of our web site, you can purchase a set of carbide stamps - Cyrillic for an affordable price. The set consists of 30 stamps with the image of all letters of the alphabet, with the exception of «Ъ», «Ё», «Й». The base is made of steel, and the working part of the stamp, which takes all the impact, is made of carbide surfacing. Each product is made in accordance with state standards. On the site you can select the required font height from the available options: 5, 6, 10 and 12 millimeters, and purchase a Set carbide stamps - Cyrillic online. After processing the application, the goods will be sent by our courier service to its new owner. You can order the necessary stamp here and evaluate the high level of qualification of our team.
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