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"Laser engraving on metals"

Laser engraving on metals

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If you want to make your gift original and unique, then laser engraving on metal will help you with it! This technology allows you to create a 3D image on a metal surface . Your creative idea, our high-quality laser equipment, half an hour of time - and you have a unique new memorable souvenir (ring, medallion, pendant) or improved old commemorative metal objects. The service of color engraving for metal is in great demand. You can decorate even the simplest souvenir with color graphics, which will bring a huge positive to someone you love. Whether it’s your girlfriend, husband, best friend, colleague or boss - laser engraving allows you to make a gift for any occasion.
Laser engraving on metal allows you to apply the image with thephotographic accuracy. The smallest relief lines are applied on the surface, which turns into a commemorative inscription or drawing. The laser removes a very thin top layer of metal, forming many micro depressions on the surface. The positive aspects of laser engraving include the small amount of time required for this procedure; accuracy of the applied image (the thickness of the laser beam is not more than 0.1 mm); the technique has no restrictions in the choice of metal; the image will not be erased even when in contact with aggressive environment or when mechanically exposed to it. The most common items that are engraved are watch, flasks, lighters, metal cups, etc. You will probably agree that receiving such souvenirs with your own name or photograph engraved on them will be extremely pleasant. After many years the words of love, engraved inside of the wedding rings, will remind you of your deep emotions. And due to laser engraving these words will be saved and will not be erased, they will remain on the rings forever.
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