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"Laser engraving dashboards"

Laser engraving dashboards

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One of the areas of our services is the laser engraving of dashboards . Laser engraving allows you to apply the image to the panel with high accuracy. The appearance of the product, the accuracy of the marking applied to it plays a huge role in promoting the product on the market. Using laser engraving , front panels and false panels can be marked in large batches, as well as panels for unique single prototypes. Sometimes the inscription erases from buttons in the area of ??pressing, which is significantly complicate further work with the device. And if the device is used in production, where it has contact with concentrated acids, oils and other caustic substances, then the inscriptions will be erased much more intensively. Graphics printed using laser equipment will not fade upon contact with an aggressive environment.
We make engraving on metallized plastic, on two-layer plastic of different thicknesses and on various types of metal. Engraving is allowed even on painted metal surfaces; upon contact with the laser beam, powder paint evaporates. An image printed using laser equipment will not fade or wipe over time. Laser draws even the most minimal details of the picture. An image with a very complex configuration will be applied in a short time, due to new technologies, this procedure takes only an hour, depending on the material and the complexity of the drawing. An engraving can be done in color, by applying the image by the deep burn method or by removing the upper thin coating layer. At the same time, the material itself is not exposed, and, therefore, does not oxidize with time.
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