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"Laser engraving of souvenirs"

Laser engraving of souvenirs

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It’s not difficult to make a bright unusual memorable gift to your loved ones, friends or colleagues. All you have to do is just decorate even the most ordinary souvenir with a commemorative inscription to make it personal. Using laser engraving Laser engraving takes minimum of time and will turn the most creative design ideas into a real image. You can apply the most common labels in standard print, as well as complex pictures and even photographs. Just send us a picture or inscription in vector format and within thirty minutes you will see it on the surface of the souvenir. Laser engraving could be done on souvenirs made from any metal and even from some plastics. The image applied by this method will not be erased over time. Exposure to sunlight, contact with liquid or mechanical abrasion can not harm it. Our company performs laser engraving of souvenirs not only with a single order, but also in large batches of goods, if necessary. For example, apply the company’s brand logo to cups, lighters, various cutlery, pens and other souvenirs. You can choose any color and size of the engraving. If you want to improve the design of digital technology, then do not worry about the integrity of the electronics, this technique is absolutely safe. The image obtained by the output of laser engraving of souvenirs is ultra-precise, even the smallest details of the image are drawn.

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