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"Ribbon "The  first-grader""

Ribbon The first-grader

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Width: 100;Length: 1 900;The stamping method has found application when it is necessary to transfer the image to any surface many centuries ago. First, this image was applied by the master as an engraving on the wood, and then an engraving board helped transfer the desired sketch to the fabric. Naturally, such a primitive way has long been outdated. Today, presses, mainly semi-automatic or automatic, are used to transfer pictures to fabric , although a manual press remains relevant. The essence of this method, after several centuries, remained the same; it consists in pressing the metallized foil to the fabric surface. It isthe embossed fabric that makes festive ribbons, such as The first-grader . When choosing a ribbon for such an important event, pay attention to the quality of the ribbon fabric, as well as to the way of embossing. The most durable for such a product is foil stamping. The standard font color, as well as fabric colors, correspond to the image: the font is golden, the fabric is white or red. It is possible to use fabrics of other colors, but it is advisable to complete the order of such a product in advance in order to be on time for the right date. High-quality embossing will allow you to keep the The first-grader ribbon in its original form, not only for the duration of the event, but also to remember thet first of September after many years of storage ...
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