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"Graduation Ribbon"

Graduation Ribbon

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Width: 100;Length: 1 900;One of the most common methods of obtaining a pattern on the fabric is the embossing method. This technology was invented many centuries ago, but in an improved form is relevant and in demand no less than in our time. Apply methods such as applying the image to the fabric such as cold pressing and hot pressing. Among the types of embossing, foil embossing can also be distinguished, in which metal particles remain on the fabric when the cliche is hot pressed to the surface of the fabric. This is how Graduation Ribbons are made. When choosing a tape, it is important not only the method of its manufacture, which guarantees the durability and integrity of the inscription, but also the fabric of the ribbon. Given the purpose of the Graduation Ribbon , this fabric should not be deformed under mechanical stress and always look just ironed. Color solutions of the fabric are possible as standard, white and red, as well as other colors. When ordering a ribbon in TempStamp you choose a durable and high-quality item that even after years will remain in its original form and will delight you with memories of such an important event.
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