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"Labeling metal tools"

Labeling metal tools

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Width: 15;
Length: 65;
Simple, cost-effective and strong - the main < strong > advantages of marking metal by electrochemical means!

The < strong > electrochemical marking technology works thanks to French engineer Charles Culon 's law of the same name and the electrification of solid materials in chemical reactions. The essence of the process is the electrochemical reaction in the electrolyte, where the metal object and electrode are placed. By passing a direct electric current through the electrolyte, chemical oxidation and reduction reactions occur, whereby the color on the surface of the article changes. Simply put, the area to be marked on the metal is oxidized. There are two methods of exposure - directly or through a dielectric stencil. It is considered that it is very difficult to obtain a clear image when using stencils. That is why a fainless method is used for better marking.

It is important to note that in addition to the color change on the soft metal product, it is also possible to transform the relief to the permissible depth - 2mkm? 0.2mm.

< strong > Advantages of electrochemical marking :

· Durability

· Low cost

· Careful imaging eliminates deformations and damages

· High image quality

· Ease of Handling

Specialists of our company carefully and qualified apply marking on a wide range of products regardless of their size and shapes. It is also possible to pre-process materials, for example, quenching, polishing, etc.

< strong > Electrochemical marking method allows you to apply first-class symbols and graphics to dining items, medical equipment, various metal tools, products and materials, regardless of their composition.

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