Marking of frames for beehives by burning. 00-01022640 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
"Marking of frames for beehives by burning"

Marking of frames for beehives by burning

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Width: 20;
Length: 60;
The need to label beehives arose when beekeeping, as a craft, moved from the private sector to mass production. When the hives began to be counted not in tens, but in hundreds and even thousands. Marking of beehives and framework helps to organize work and organize more precise control over the life of the bee family, prevent the onset of diseases or pests, and keep records of the collection of wax raw materials and honey. Identification of frames allows you to determine, for example, whether the beehive, frame, honeycombs are disinfected.
Since the frames for beehives and the beehives are built mainly of wood, one of the most effective markings will be burning with a special stamp.
This stamp for burning on frames presented in our online store!
Frame marking stamp is made of high-quality alloys of magnesium and brass, which are evenly heated and leave a clear print.
With the help of modern technologies, the sensitive attention of specialists and first-class materials, we produce the best stamps for marking frames !
TempStamp has been manufacturing Burning Stamps for wood for more than 5 years. That is why we have such a rich base of products, low prices and high rates of ordering.
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