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"Metal matrix"

Metal matrix

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Width: 40;Length: 50;For many CNC technology has been actively used to recreate images in various industries, as well as in the field of trade. There are many options for using CNC technology for applying images. However, the most popular is the 3D engraving, able to make a three-dimensional image on various materials. What opportunities does 3D engraving give us? It gives us the opportunity to produce voluminous relief drawings, graphs, logos on the smooth surface of a product. At your request, you can get at the finish either a curved or concave pattern. This type of engraving makes it possible to produce a volumetric finished drawing that does not require further processing. Where did 3D engraving find application? Now, with the help of this technology, various textured clich?s, jewelry stamps, metal matrices , punches, molds for stamps, stamps for metal, molds for molding, master models for casting are created on a large scale. The technology has found its application in science, to perform various non-standard tasks of scientific societies and institutions. We offer our services for creating metal matrices of our own production, according to the specified parameters, observing all your requirements. The matrix is ??a metal ideally smooth sheet of medium hardness, with a deep inverse image applied on. Due to highly automated equipment, we are able to adjust the number of lines per millimeter, that is, set absolutely any engraving depth of the metal matrix . As for the cost of creating a metal matrix, it is quite affordable and acceptable. You can find all the prices of the proposed positions on our website.
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