Nylon hammer with a wooden handle. 00-01022799 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
"Nylon hammer with a wooden handle"

Nylon hammer with a wooden handle

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Width: 50;
Length: 210;

Nylon hammer for the skin - a cool thing and necessary for any self-respecting skinner!

It consists of 3 elements:

1) Convenient wooden handle;

2) Hairpin with a brass knob, which serves as a weighting agent;

3) Nylon beacon.

The shape of the nylon barrel is not chosen by chance. The practicality of this idea lies in the fact that during the impact the master can work with his eyes closed, because the area of ??the striker is longitudinally along the whole instrument. The main advantage of this hammer is the brass knob, which takes on the weight and thereby guarantees a strong impact and a clear pattern.

The strength of nylon - that's what attracts kozheedelov, since the nominal nylon hammer will last for many years!

Pay attention - the weight of the hammer is 350 gr. This weight is ideal for skin with a thickness of 2-4 mm.

Proper weight distribution, practical and thoughtful hammer design gives a strong impression without effort! To draw a beautiful and clear picture does not require powerful strokes, especially if you work with stamps with a small size cliche and thin skin.

Here you can find excellent stamps for working with the skin!
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