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"Impact stamps set (Latin alphabet + numbers)"

Impact stamps set (Latin alphabet + numbers)

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For centuries stamping has been used by mankind to mark the belonging of a thing to its owner or producer. Nowadays, the impact stamping method has not lost its relevance to the manufacturer of metal products. For example, when marking jewelry, the stamp (hallmark) indicates both their manufacturer and the quality of the jewelry, describing the material, manufacturer, and the state inspectorate that inspected this precious metal product with a small identification mark. For branding objects made of steel or other hard metal the stamp should be made of such high-impact material as carbide steel. For example, the welder has to make a stamp as a guarantee of the quality of his work, while welding at a responsible site. Or a similar situation with car manufacturers, which always mark the body of cars for sale. This method is also very common for applying logos in mechanical engineering.
The variety of impact stamp sets in today's market is striking in the number of different languages, fonts and sizes. The most demanded for marking is the stamp of the Latin alphabet, because it is recognizable throughout the world. In addition to alphabetic stamp sets it is worth highlighting numeral sets of impact stamps , sometimes even Roman numerals. Stamping with a hammer is outdated. Now it is much more convenient and faster to mark products using a semiautomatic device, which knocks out the desired letter or number by pressing. In the proposed set of impact stamps of the Latin alphabet + numbers the height of the symbol is 5 mm, the width of the symbol line is 0.1-0.2 mm, and the engraving depth is 0.5 mm.
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