Stamps for embossing on the leather. 20 shaped stamps.. 00-01022728 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
"Stamps for embossing on the leather. 20 shaped stamps."

Stamps for embossing on the leather. 20 shaped stamps.

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Width: 6; Length: 105;

Embossing on the leather is a way of applying the image by forcing the surface of the material with stamps, cliches, seals. One of the very first materials that people used in their everyday life was leather. Accordingly, they began to learn the embossing method from ancient times. Today, by embossing on leather possible to make various souvenirs. A high-quality leather item indicates of person's status, leather attributes give chic to the whole image, this is certainly an excellent gift. Leather diary, purse, key holder, wallet, leather folders and bags, leather key chains, belts, etc. - the whole range of these products needs to be applied with logos, interesting patterns, labels or initials. It is very important that the quality of the transferred image is of a high level, clear and durable, since leather products have a high cost, and a poorly executed logo can ruin the entire product. The clarity of the image applied directly to the leather depends on the quality of the stamps. The main condition in the manufacture of stamps for embossing leather is the use of metals with high hardness. Our company prefers high-quality tool steel. We offer 20 curly stamps for embossing, with clear edges that will create a unique embossed pattern. The impression is quite deep; the effect is 3 D . We can make stamps on an individual order.

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