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Stamp set AirBag SRS

Stamp set AirBag SRS

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SKU: 00-01028430


The craftsmen use the Stamp set AirBag SRS to restore the trim of the car after the airbags' activation.
The set consists of seven of the most popular stamps:
Stamp SRS AIRBAG print size is 48x5 mm
Stamp SRS AIRBAG print size is 39x16 mm
Stamp SRS print size is 25x5 mm
Stamp SRS AIRBAG print size is 25x10 mm
Stamp AIRBAG print size is 24x4 mm
Two stamps Sound signal print size is 12x8 mm
For hot embossing you will need a heater with digital temperature controller for accurate prints.
It’s also possible to produce your size of AirBag SRS stamps
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