Set of Impact stamps - Latin alphabet 6 mm. 00-01022635 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
" Set of Impact stamps  - Latin alphabet 6 mm"

Set of Impact stamps - Latin alphabet 6 mm

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SKU: 00-01022635


Metal products: metal souvenirs (flasks, glasses, etc.), metal household goods (buckets, shovels, etc.), - requires the application of identification marks, barcodes, manufacturer logos, markings, which can be applied in various ways . One option is to apply the image using impact metal stamps. The image is transferred onto a metal surface due to mechanical pressure upon impact. The metal remains a high-definition relief concave ornament. Since stamps are subjected to heavy loads, if they are made of low-quality material, the image will very quickly lose its sharpness, and the stamp may crumble. Therefore, when choosing impact stamps you need to pay attention to the material they are made from. Our company gives its choice only to high-quality raw materials and makes stamps of high-strength tool steel . We bring to your attention a set of impact stamps of Latin alphabet , with a letter height of 6 millimeters.
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