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"Leather tool punchers set"

Leather tool punchers set

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Width: 15;
Length: 118;

Talking about how to get a neat hole in the skin is unrealistic, lead by people who have not tried to work with steel piercers. Elegant perfectly smooth holes, a comfortable handle made of black metal and a nice democratic price are the main characteristics of a set of piercers for the skin. Punching tools for round holes or in another way perforations have already been appreciated by experienced masters and amateur tanners.

The proposed set includes punches of different diameters, which makes it possible not only to provide a simple perforation of the material, but also to artistically diversify the work of the master.

Briefly on the principle of action of the piercer. To create a hole on the skin, you just need to spread the material on a flat surface, attach a piercer of the required diameter and hit with a special hammer. A round piece of skin (cut) is removed through the hole on the punch handle.

A characteristic advantage is that such piercers can be used to perforate products made of plastic, cardboard, polyethylene or rubber.

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