Cappuccino stencils set 16 pcs.. 00-01022800 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
"Cappuccino stencils set 16 pcs."

Cappuccino stencils set 16 pcs.

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Width: 135;
Length: 85;
Coffee has amazing properties: prevents Parkinson 's disease, protects against diabetes, heart attack, increases brain activity and most importantly - gives a wonderful mood!

According to scientific research, a couple of cappuccino cups a day will make you long-lived! And every day will be filled with creative inspiration and energy if you add a fascinating drawing to the milk foam.

Any self-respecting barista must know the basic principles of latte art. The delivery of such cappuccino is treated with special attention and controls each element in the cup.

As you know, the classic cappuccino is:

- 1/3 espresso of high quality, as indicated by the red-brown color of the drink;

-2/3 hot milk and lush foam whipped with coffee machine.

In the homeland of the morning drink - in Italy - latte art is treated with special awe, because makes its professional barista manually. Today, the preparation of cappuccino with an amazing art on snow-white foam has become a quick thing thanks to convenient stencils for latte and cappuccino.

Such stencils are made of environmentally friendly plastic, which is convenient to use and maintain.

To prepare a trendy drink you will need - a cup of cappuccino with a dense foam, a stencil with a favorite pattern, grated chocolate or spices!

The set of stencils contains 16 unique drawings - it is both a confession of love, a winter evening, and simply drawings for a good mood!
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