Electric heater for custom logo branding irons (300W). 00-01022792 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
"Electric heater for custom logo branding irons (300W)"

Electric heater for custom logo branding irons (300W)

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Model: TI;
Power: 300 W;
Width: 50 mm;
Height: 50 mm;
Length: 300 mm;
The simplest, cheapest and at the same time convenient heater for stamps. Allows you to work with stamps from 20x20 to 60x60 mm.
The power of 300 watts is more than enough for confident operation of stamps of this size.
Note that unlike < A href = e1c://tempstamp.ru/product/termoklejmo-s-cifrovym-regulatorom.html > digital controller thermo-loop , this device has no protection against overheating. This is a major disadvantage of this device. This heater cannot be kept energized for more than 15 minutes due to the possibility of melting the alluminium plate.
For temperature control, we recommend using the < A href = https://tempstamp.ru/product/regulyator-napryazheniya-2000-vt.html > voltage regulator .
You can always purchase a < A href = https://tempstamp.ru/product/alyuminievaya-nagrevatelnaya-plastina.html > spare heating element .
Two cartridge heaters 8 mm 150 W are installed.
In-house heater. Manufactured in our firm. Reliable in operation.
< A href = https://tempstamp.ru/documents/TI2-300.pdf > TI Heater Operating Instructions .
< A href = https://tempstamp.ru/statya/16/ > How to select a heater for clich?
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