Heater for burning on pallets 2000 W. 00-01022900 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
Heater for burning on pallets 2000 W

Heater for burning on pallets 2000 W

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Width: 110;
Heigth: 250;
Length: 350;

The heater for burning on pallets of 2000 W allows to heat a cliche in the size 110х70 mm to a temperature over 550 ° С and to maintain it throughout the whole operation time.

This device is made in accordance with the wishes of our customers and contains simple and effective solutions for increasing productivity.

The extreme simplicity and stiffness of the structure, in combination with the protective elements, allows to withstand daily loads and operation by weakly qualified personnel.

The heater is equipped with a fuse, a switch and a removable stand. The presence of a mineral wool thermal barrier increases the temperature of the stigma and slows the transfer of heat to other elements of the heater. The conclusions of the heating elements and the wiring are reliably protected by a corrugated tube and tin box.

Great for marking pallets with EUR, EPAL, spike

Replacement of heating elements is possible.

Its rough exterior is more than offset by unprecedented power.

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