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"Putting figure on the ax"

Putting figure on the ax

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< strong > Painting the axe - e that new service from our company, which is already rapidly gaining popularity. With exceptional and special materials, we can create < strong > amazing engravings on both metal and wood. A good example of such work is the drawing on the axe.

Who might need that engraving? First, for manufacturers of such tools - from private workshops, to full-scale production. Considering how expensive burning and etching equipment is today, the service provided by our company is a profitable alternative. Second, if you already have an axe and want to turn it into a < strong > wonderful gift - you are clearly at the target! < strong > Author 's engraving is an interesting way to turn an ordinary axe into an elegant, ethnic, or hard tool with a masculine character.

Third, bars and cafes have recently become very popular, serving meat, cheese or snacks on a wooden board with an axe. If you prefer to be on the ridge of glory and get a reputation as a fashion institution, then such a serving of dishes is for you! < strong > Engraved axe - Not only will it attract attention, it will also serve as an excellent advertisement.

Another advantage: specialists of our company will qualitatively apply any pattern, both on the handle and on the metal blade. Send your ideas boldly, and our designers and masters will implement them!

The idea with axe engraving is simple and almost brilliant: on the one hand it is a unique and profitable way to promote the brand, on the other hand you will have an eternal thing with a unique drawing, storing memory for many years.
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