L-shaped cartridge heater (angular), 220 V. 00-01028707 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
L-shaped cartridge heater (angular), 220 V

L-shaped cartridge heater (angular), 220 V

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Size: 110x8 mm Power: 250 W Voltage: 220 V Wire insulation: Metal Braid Brand: LIXH PRCCartridge heater is a high-power heating element. These heating elements provide a large amount of heat and are sealed, which ensures a long service life of the heaters and prevents oxidation of the wires. The L-shape finger heater allows a full contact between the cartridge heater and equipment during heating, which ensures fast and uniform heating in different types of equipment. Also, the corrugated braid will help increase the life of the heating device and protect the leads from mechanical damage.
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