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"Soldering iron (500W)"

Soldering iron (500W)

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Attention! We gradually refuse to complete our products with this heater due to its low reliability. We recommend purchasing heaters of our production with a regulator and without it .
A modernized 500W soldering iron for wood burning is used with a clich? with an area of ??up to 50 cm 2 . The brass cliche is screwed to the copper tip of the soldering iron and evenly warmed up by a powerful heating element. Allows you to burn over a large area. The heating time to a temperature of 400 C is about 10-20 minutes.

The brass washer holds the sting securely and prevents the heated stamp from falling out of the soldering iron.
The stamp is not included in the kit and is manufactured separately.

To control the temperature, we recommend that you use with the voltage controller .

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