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"Doctor's seal"

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The doctor's seal - is the most important requisite for organizing productive work in the field of medicine, medical practice and veterinary medicine. This seal is a guarantor confirming the authenticity of the medical documents .

There are a few facts you need to know before you order the doctor's seal . -first, in order to protect your business documentation from unwanted fakes, you need to pay attention to the originality of the future stamp. The presence of an intricate ornament, specific details, a special font will save the print from falsification. Certificates, hospital bulletins, prescriptions, confirmed by a special seal, will be much more difficult to fake. Secondly, the distinguishing feature of doctor’s seal is that it can be equipped with various symbolic drawings that correspond to the doctor’s specialty or qualification. For example, it can be a famous bowl with a snake (the emblem of a doctor) or a broken tree tied to a stake (emblem of a traumatologist).

We draw your attention to the fact that experts of our store will help you choose the original design of doctor's seal .

Such a seal is made in a fairly short time, which cannot fail to attract selective and demanding customers.
To order seals you need a

  • Doctor Diploma
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