Plastic seals 10 mm, 1 kg (~2400 psc.). 00-01022462 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
"Plastic seals  10 mm, 1 kg (~2400 psc.)"

Plastic seals 10 mm, 1 kg (~2400 psc.)

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SKU: 00-01022462


To prevent unauthorized opening of the sealed object, plastic seals with a diameter of 10 mm are used, which are made of high quality polyethylene with a sealing chamber. The material is selected so that a clear impression of the sealant remains on the seal, and the cylindrical shape prevents it from slipping during crimping, reliably fixes the wire, and does not allow it to crack when squeezed. When sealing, the wire is threaded through these holes, after which the seal is compressed until it stops. Plastic seals are a worthy replacement for lead, because of light weight, a significant price advantage with an equal degree of reliability. Plastic seals with a diameter of 10mm are used in areas such as: - fire extinguishers; - electrical appliances; - instrumentation; - storage facilities; - cargo; - any objects equipped with loops; It can be used as a universal control seal . The use of such seals significantly increases the security of protected objects. Plastic seals are the most popular products in this area. Our company is pleased to offer you the best products at the lowest prices.
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