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"Seal press for plasticine"

Seal press for plasticine

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Seal press for plasticine - metal type seals that are designed to seal doors, safes, metal cabinets, etc. by creating an impression on plasticine-like materials.

With the device for stamping safes, vaults, warehouses, premises, etc., the seal press provides the subject with reliable protection against unauthorized access.

Seal press - a metal seal that is used to obtain an impression on wax or plasticine. As a rule, the information is placed around the entire seal press. Usually, there is always an external circle on the seal press, but, if necessary, we can add an internal one.

The seal press for plasticine is made by a special method using engraving from aluminum or brass.The seal press can be made in various diameters, which range from twenty-four to thirty millimeters, with a wooden handle (for sealing wax) or with a ring (for plasticine).

In the manufacture of the seal presses, a sketch of the text on the circumference of up to twenty-four characters is allowed, which include spaces as well. In the center, it is also possible to write a text, but up to four characters. Instead of text, it is possible to apply a special logo. At the same time, the cost of the seal press can vary upwards.

Production time of the seal press for plasticine can be from one to five days, depending on the workload.

Sealing devices are used for complete control on the subjects of opening safes and rooms of any type. It is on these devices that plasticine is applied, and with the help of metal printing, the sealing is carried out.

For example, key cases are sealed with a special plasticine seal using created metal ice seals - seals.

Pencil cases sealed with metal seals can be used to put keychains under guard. This is usually used in cases where it is necessary to completely exclude unauthorized access to them by the guards. They may open the pencile case only in case of an emergency, such as a fire, etc. Absolutely any fact of using a sealed pencil case with keys will be known to you.

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