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"Lead sealing pliers"

Lead sealing pliers

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Sealer is a metal pliers with two contracting flat surfaces on which the selected image is engraved. Using the seal it is possible to seal various objects with lead and plastic seals. This device is designed for sealing industrial and office premises; computers and electrical appliances; motor transport; collection packs and bags; instrumentation; parcels, envelopes, etc. Sealers come in 4 types. If the sealer leaves a print on one side, then this is a one-sided sealer , and if on two sides, then it is double-sided. In production, where it is necessary to deliver seals of a large number of products, automatic sealers with an electromechanical drive are used, and if sealing is manual and does not require the use of other devices, then use manual sealers . Sealer is pretty easy to use. Before you begin to seal the object, you need to cut a small amount of wire. It is threaded through the loops of the product and inserted at both ends into the seal. After that, the seal is fixed by the sealer and compressed until it stops. As a result, a seal with an engraving of your chosen text or image hangs on a wire
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