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"Press for burning"

Press for burning

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Width: 140;
Height: 250;
Length: 290;
The KTP2-500 thermopress is a convenient reliable device for burning and embossing on wood, leather, polymers (branding). Production TempStamp.
It allows you to quickly mark products with brass stamp up to 60x110 mm. Compact design, comfortable work without effort. The final result of burning depends on the quality of the used surface.
Models with power and temperature controllers are equipped with overheat protection. Can be set precise temperature control on request.
• Heating time to 400 ° C - about 10 minutes.
• Maximum pressing force - up to 1 ton.
• Productivity: 20-30 burns per minute.
• Work at +/-50 ° C
• Power is 500 W.
• Works from a network of 220 V.
• Working stroke - 50 mm.
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