A mobile phone scanning device for documents. 00-01028723 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
A mobile phone  scanning device for  documents

A mobile phone scanning device for documents

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Height: 403 mm; Length: 422 mm; Width: 300 mm; Thickness: 2 mm; Recently, mobile phones are improving more and more. It is possible to make even a professional film using them. There is often a need to scan or photograph documents using a mobile phone at work or at home. Probably everyone faced such a problem. Everytime you need to get into focus, hold the mobile phone with one hand, and hold the document with the other. it is long and uncomfortable. This simple device solves these problems. The mobile phone is in one position, it does not need to be focused, it does not tremble. If you need to photograph one-size sheets of the document it is very easy to put them in the same place. The speed and quality of scanning increases a lot without ordinary scanners. Using the device, you can scan A4, A5 and A6 paper. There is a scale and parallel lines on the platform for accurate position of the document. In order to scan, you need to put your phone on top and click on the remote control, which is connected to the phone with Bluetooth
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