Empty propane tank 12 l. (3,2 gal.). 00-01022702 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
"Empty propane tank 12 l. (3,2 gal.)"

Empty propane tank 12 l. (3,2 gal.)

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Width: 220;
Length: 490;
Technical specification complies with GOST (Russian state standard). Propane is a substance that has found application almost everywhere from everyday life to heavy industry. Propane has a low cost, which significantly affected the popularity of this product. It is the most common gas, which has no smell and color. But its chemical characteristics are quite diverse, depending on external factors. During combustion, propane produces a large amount of heat. Therefore, in the production process this gas is often used for welding, cutting refractory metal and we heat the clich? using propane . In the food industry, propane is used as an additive. In everyday life, many people use it in the gas stoves and water heaters. And due to the tendency of a rapid increase in petrol prices, many drivers are switching to a cheaper alternative type of fuel - propane. If you live in the private sector, then, most likely, you heat the house using this universal gas. So there comes a question how to store and transport such demanded gas? Since propane is an explosive substance, there are rules for the design and safe operation of pressure vessels (approved by the Decree of the State city technical supervision of the Russian Federation of June 11, 2003 N 91), according to which there are a number of indications for transportation and storage of propane. It is stored in special red cylinders , with white inscription “PROPANE” on them. Thanks to these cylinders , it becomes easy to transport propane, using any type of vehicle. We produce gas burner stamps and equip them with cylinders for storage and transportation of propane, manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GOST 15860-84, with a volume of 12 liters, with a nominal pressure of 1.6 Mpa.
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