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Adjustable leather cutter

Adjustable leather cutter

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Size: 120 x 120 mm;
Material: aluminum, steel;
A simple tabletop device that allows you to cut leather into even strips.
The fixed bed is attached to the work table with screws or clamps. It also acts as a blade holder. A stop is attached to the bed, moving which you can adjust the width of the cut leather strip. To accurately determine the size of the finished strip, a centimeter ruler is engraved on the product (from 0 to 6 cm).
The device can also be adjusted for cutting soft materials up to 30 mm thick, such as foam.
The cutter comes with:
- 2 sets of interchangeable blades, 18 mm wide;
- 2 clamps;
- a set of hexagons;
- 5 bearings.
The product is used by masters of leatherwork, significantly speeds up the process of cutting strips, belts, processing the edge of the leather, and ensures repeatability of the result in the manufacture of large batches.
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