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Power Regulator DPR 2000

Power Regulator DPR 2000

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The DPR 2000 power regulator is a power electric device that allows you to lower the voltage of the 220 V network and maintain the set value.
It is used for discrete temperature control of heating elements, revolutions of electric motors and other electrical equipment.
Equipped with a voltmeter to control the output voltage value.
- input voltage: 220 V
- maximum power: 2000 W
- maximum output current: 9 A
- voltage adjustment range: 50 - 220 V
Allows you to smoothly adjust the temperature of the heating element of the stigma, as well as the input voltage of any electrical appliances with power up to 2000 watts.
Suitable for all types of hallmark heaters made by our organization.
Made in Russia. Own production of TempStamp.ru.
Width: 75 mm;
Height: 85 mm;
Length: 150 mm;
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