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"Embossed seal for diploma"

Embossed seal for diploma

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The next-generation seal is relief seal , which allows you to raise the level of protection of documents from counterfeiting, as well as emphasize their respectability with a kind of impression. This print creates a three-dimensional image of two types - convex and extruded. The relief of the logo is clearly palpable and visible, however it is not copied or scanned. This feature embossed stamp and becomes a kind of barrier for intruders, securely guarding valuable documents. A nice touch, embossed seal , is often used in conjunction with gold-plated labels - paper stickers. Diplomas, thankful letters and certificates issued with such a print look more attractive, solid and expensive. As a tool, embossed stamp is extremely convenient and easy to use. The main elements of the tool are a lever, two matreces and a clamp. To make an appropriate impression, it is only necessary to fix the document by the clip, so that the surface of the document is directed towards the upper matrix, and press the lever. When pressed, two matrices touch each other through the paper, leaving behind a clear relief pattern. When using the stamp, the relief is printed through the golden surface of the sticker. High quality metal and fixtures will ensure productive work of the tool for years. You can verify the above by ordering embossed stamp on our website. The specialists of our store will help you with the development of a sketch of the future stamp and will produce the stamp in the most optimal time.
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