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"Carved lattice"

Carved lattice

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Many centuries ago, wood was recognized as the most valuable and most convenient material for the formation of a wide variety of things. With proper processing and proper care, it is very durable, and its appearance guarantees harmony in the interior, creating a feeling of comfort and warmth. For many centuries, houses, churches, and even palaces were built using the simplest tools of woodworking and woodcarving. These same items contributed to the manufacture and interior decoration: decorative or religious elements, such as statues, and indispensable in everyday life, such as furniture, dishes, or carved lattices . Over time, the technology of wood working has become much more advanced. Modern milling machines allow for the deepest detailing of the pattern, and the order is executed exactly and in the shortest time. The choice of wood for work is very important. Sometimes the breed is selected depending on the shape of the carved product or its purpose, but in the absence of complex technical requirements for the result, the choice of the wood depends only on the customer. It is possible to use pine or other types of wood in carvings. When the manufacture of a carved lattice , coating with paint or varnish may become relevant, which will allow it to fit precisely and subtly into the interior. The cost of the finished carved product may also be affected by the complexity of the selected pattern of the carved lattice, and, of course, its overall size. Elegant wooden carved lattices are most often needed for shielding heating radiators, decorating doors, shutters, furniture elements, cornices or even caskets. There are an incredible number of variations on the use of a carved lattice, and the choice here does not limit the customer’s imagination, allowing you to implement the most incredible design ideas with the wood.

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