Carved blank for wax seal. 00-01022457 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
"Carved blank for wax seal"

Carved blank for wax seal

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The tool for making impressions on wax is called wax seal. This is a very fashionable, beautiful and relevant today method of decorating packages, invitations, cards and much more. Initially, this seal was used to prove the authenticity of an important document, to make sure that the message was sealed, and it was also used as an author’s cliche on products. Nowadays, wax seal is a very reliable element of protection. Printing will be damaged if you try to open an envelope sealed with sealing wax.
The wax seal is a brass blank with a wooden handle. Our company offers you excellent finished carved blanks for wax printing. The handle is a very important part of the wax seal and is made, according to all norms and rules, of high-quality wood. Based on your needs, you can choose a handle that is necessary and suitable for you, design and size, you can also order replaceable nozzles from us. When choosing the size of the handle, it should be noted that the smaller the image to be printed (the smaller the details on the layout), the larger the diameter of the print itself. With the help of a carved wooden handle we will give your wax seal a magnificent, special and unique design.
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