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"Leathercraft roller marker"

Leathercraft roller marker

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Length: 170;
Refill in the Skin Tools Collection! According to the masters in this sphere, < strong > roller marker is a necessary thing for high-quality and fast work with natural skin. Of course, to create good leather things and products you simply need a sewing machine, special threads, needles, glue. However, even these tools are not enough if some areas or products are sewn by hand!

< strong > A roller marker is used for perfect stitches . Needle-like teeth are located along radius of rotating wheel. Principle of action: by applying a marker to the skin and driving a wheel with spikes, even markings for stitches are obtained. The holes after the puncture look neat and in the future they give the seams a pleasant expression.

Our company guarantees high quality roller markers, which, if properly operated, will make a million holes for stitches!

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