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"Handle for open flame branding irons heating"

Handle for open flame branding irons heating

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Length: 300;
A label heating handle on fire is used to heat clich?s on open heat sources. Suitable when it is necessary to heat the stamp away from electrical appliances with a manual gas burner or a bonfire. It can also be used for heating by electric stove.
It is a wooden handle with a steel rod 15 to 70 cm long or with a brass rod 15 cm to 40 cm long.
Used to label < A href = https://tempstamp.ru/product/kleymo-dlya-steyka.html > steaks , < A href = https://tempstamp.ru/product/klejmo-dlya-bulochek-i-piccy.html > buns , and other food products.
The different length of the handle is due to the method of use: longer can be used in mangals, roasts, grills for heating together with the products and their subsequent stamping. Shorter ones are convenient to use with a burner or solder lamp.

< a href = https://tempstamp.ru/statya/16/ > How to select a heater for clich?
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