Leather Sewing Awl with interchangeable needles. 00-01022791 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
"Leather Sewing Awl with interchangeable needles"

Leather Sewing Awl with interchangeable needles

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Width: 22;
Length: 70
Comfortable < STRONG > sew with corrugated metal handle. Can work with replaceable needles. The tool is easy to use, reliable and practical at the same time.
Since a long time, shilo has been very popular with boots, closures, leather and scorers (master in the manufacture and creation of fur products). Today, a simple needle with a handle is used by carpenters and even employees of the office. However, one thing remains unchanged - this shilo is created to work with materials made of leather and fur. If you are engaged in manufacturing a variety of leather products (usually bags, cases, wallets or knives), then such a shudder thing is simply necessary!
Interestingly, < STRONG > sewed with replaceable needles to be useful in hiking to repair equipment or shoes. Many climbers and tourists buy such a shilo just in a remodel for hiking.
The metal of the handle is corrosion resistant, the ribbed surface reduces sliding, and the optimal size guarantees full comfort for the hand of the foreman.
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