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"stamp for ceramics"

stamp for ceramics

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Length: 50; Since ancient times ceramics has been decorated with a variety of patterns, most of which are religiously motivated. Often products, mainly dishes that are not marked with certain symbols, simply were not used, falling into the category of defective ones. Ceramics were decorated with drawings and patterns by pottery masters. Their work was highly respected and valuable. The simplest and most demanded tool used by them to apply a pattern to a ceramic surface was stamps . They were handmade by carving a pattern on the end of a stick or bone. Despite the past centuries, the essence of the process of stamping ceramics has not changed. Today, decoration stamps of ceramic surfaces are made of durable metal, which makes them solid, easy to use and can withstand a huge number of load cycles. We offer the manufacture of such stamps according to the sketches of patterns of any complexity, a range of stamp sizes from 1 to 4800 is also possible. Turning to us at TempStamp you will get the most economical, profitable and at the same time high-quality means of ceramic embossing .
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