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"Stamp for soap"

"Stamp for soap"

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  • "Width: 35.
  • Length: 35.



"Width: 35;Length: 35; Dear handmade masters! We present to your attention a new and more advanced version of soap stamps ! Now your fragrant, soapy bars of happiness will acquire their own original logo and will be able to please their owners! Neat, smooth, perfectly polished handle soap stamp - made from natural wood from the rich forests of Russia. Cliche from high-quality and solid silicone material firmly seated on the stamp. This stamp is a required source material, like aromatic additives and soap oils. The drawing by the soap stamp creates an additional level of protection against fakes if you are manufacturing soap products on a large scale. Also, the logo will create a special style for your product if you only master the subtleties of soap making. Using a soap stamp is easy - just press the stamp firmly onto the soap and press it down. The experience of handmade masters showed that the best picture is printed not on hard material, but on a slightly soft one. Caring for such a stamp is very easy. After applying the cliche, you simply need to rinse with water and grease generously with oil. At your request, we can produce a soap stamp with original patterns, phrases or your logo. "
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