Branding iron for marking pallets "CFL". 00-01022771 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
"Branding iron for marking pallets "CFL""

Branding iron for marking pallets "CFL"

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Width: 60;
Length: 100;
< strong > CFL marking is decrypted as Luxembourg Railways.

As Luxembourg is tacit referred to as a European crossroads, that country 's public transport system, including rail tracks, is highly developed. Located in the heart of Europe, the inland railway connects not only the main settlements, nearby cities and towns, but also is part of the international transportation system.

< strong > CFL-labeled pallets are in demand across the EU thanks to good investment infusions into Luxembourg 's rail system.

< strong > CFL Stamp is high quality and an excellent tray and pallet marking tool.

First, we make such a stamp from light magnesium or brass. The latter metal is characterized by high circulation resistance. At the customer 's request, such a stamp may be made of steel or other metal. Second, we make each stamp ourselves. The milling and engraving technique allows you to fulfill even the most complex or multiple orders on time.

Third, the stamp and burn stamp experience we have to date allows us to expand our company 's range of capabilities.

Accurate and clear tray marking is guaranteed, because all products produced by our masters are tested on a mandatory basis and other technological checks are carried out.

By ordering a < strong > CFL tray stamp - You are acquiring a sustainable mechanism that will perform up to 150,000 prints when properly operated!

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