Branding iron for marking pallets "HZ". 00-01022774 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
"Branding iron for marking pallets  "HZ""

Branding iron for marking pallets "HZ"

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Width: 60;
Length: 100;
Modernization of Croatia 's railway network is impossible without the use of modern technologies and improvement of service. Trains are confident and gradually regaining their position as a leader in the transportation system, which in itself means a direct need for quality pallets as additional devices.

< strong > The HZ marking - Croatian Railways on the pallet according to the standards shall be applied to the left side of the structure and shall indicate that this packing and storage facility belongs to the transport company.

< strong > HZ-labeled pallets are highly demanding in the transport packaging market due to their properties. Such pallets are made of strong wood, using up-to-date material treatment facilities ranging from machining to drying and impregnation.

The marking of pallets and pallets with the Croatian railway symbol meets all the requirements of the national railway company of Croatia.

The most popular materials used in the production of burning dies are magnesium, brass and steel. These stable metals define one of the first characteristics of the dies - circulation resistance. It is also important to note that the pattern remains clear and saturated both on the first day of marking and some time later.

By choosing the < strong > HZ (Croatian Railways) label on our website - you choose a leader in the production of clich?s, stamps and seals!

What distinguishes us from other companies?

· We use quality materials

· Professionally perform task of any complexity

· We have our own milling and carpentry equipment

Warranty period for < strong > marking of pallets marked with Croatian railway network is 1 year from the date of purchase!
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