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"Stamp for embossing cardboard"

Stamp for embossing cardboard

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Width: 90;Length: 90;The latest trends in the promotion of goods is the demand for giving an original and individual look for industry of printing and packaging products. The stylish look of product packaging on the one hand will increase the commercial success of your product, and on the other, protect its authenticity. In order to give the packaging products an individual character, many manufacturers use different methods in the finishing process. One such method is stamping embossing. Embossing is the deformation of a surface by mechanical action. Our company is engaged in the production and sale of original cardboard embossing stamps . The process of creating embossing stamps for cardboard needs the highly mechanized equipment and durable alloys of pure metals, including: magnesium, zinc, steel, copper, brass and many others. With stamps for embossing cardboard , you can give any surface the desired image or pattern, but also make it unique and recognizable. By purchasing cardboard embossing stamps in our online store you get: a guarantee of high quality of the stamps, the possibility of original design of your products and affordable prices. v
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