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"Rubber stamp for fabric "

"Rubber stamp for fabric "

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"Width: 40;
Length: 40;

Since ancient times, people have tried to express themselves. And one of the elementary ways of such self-expression was the difference in clothing. And since the choice of available fabrics for a particular region was very small, people began to make these fabrics colored, and subsequently applied various patterns to the surface of the fabric. Initially, embossing fabric was a very laborious and expensive craft, today this process is significantly improved and automated and allows you to achieve accurate, accurate and high-quality image on fabric at moderate cost.

One of the methods of transferring the desired image to the surface is to use the rubber stamp for fabric . It is ideal for drawing a pattern on fabrics with a rough surface, because the elastic characteristics of rubber allow the stamp to come into contact with the product as much as possible during embossing. For such purposes can be applied both special and any quick-drying waterproof paint. The drawing with a rubber stamp for the fabric will be neat and clear, allowing you to realize any design ideas and solutions for decorating with textiles. "
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