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"Stamp for fabric"

"Stamp for fabric"

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  • "Width: 70.
  • Height: 25.
  • Length: 70.



"Width: 70;Height: 25;Length: 70;The art of making stamps for fabric was invented a long time ago. People began to apply the image to the fabric using wooden carved rollers in Persia. Products with a similar image were valuable and very expensive, because such stamps were handmade from precious woods. The picture on the fabric was also applied manually, and this work of the master was also highly appreciated. Today, stamping of images on fabric is very common, and modern technology and industrial development have significantly reduced the cost of this process and made it widely available to anyone. Fabric stamps are actively used in the design field , this can be the stamping of any textile interior elements, from pillows to carpets. You can also decorate clothes (children’s clothes can be made especially interesting), fabric toys, fancy dresses, etc. But when choosing a stamp for fabric, you should pay attention to its quality. We make stamps from photopolymer material providing durability and strength of the product. As for the drawing of the stamp, it is possible any according to the layout chosen and approved by you. "
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