Piece production of aluminum brackets. 00-01030454 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
Piece production of aluminum brackets

Piece production of aluminum brackets

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We have made brackets for the desktop thermal press.
Brackets provide fastening of a desktop on a thermopress bed. In addition to the mounting function, the brackets make it possible to compensate for irregularities and blockages of the working surfaces and to provide leveling of the bed curvature. The type and dimensions of the brackets depend on the dimensions of the workpiece being processed, as well as the structural material used. Their number is determined by the project depending on the characteristics of the building and also taking into account the current loads.
Brackets made of aluminum alloy AMG3 brand can be used in various equipment and systems. The original design of the brackets can be scaled or modified as required.
According to customer's drawings, we will manufacture various parts of non-ferrous and ferrous metals on CNC machines with high precision.
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