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Sealing wax in tablets

Sealing wax in tablets

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"The colors in the range:
- white;
- maroon;
- chestnut;
- red;
- pink;
- light green;
- dark green;
- blue;
- purple;
- black;
- pearl marsh;
- pearl Burgundy;
- pearl yellow;
- pearl gold;
- pearl chestnut;
-pearl brown;
- pearl pink;
- pearl grey;
- pearl light green;
- pearl blue;
- pearl dark green.
Size: diameter 9 mm, a weight of 31-34 g.
Sealing wax tablets are used for decorative design of envelopes, important documentation, sealing of postal parcels, premises, safes, storage facilities and other objects.
Sealing wax has good characteristics and the highest density of all sealing materials. It is impossible to open such a seal without breaking.
There are 100 tablets of sealing wax in a package.
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