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"Sealing wax 1kg."

Sealing wax 1kg.

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To seal mail envelopes, certificates of honor, invitations, bottles, boxes, and any paper and cardboard products, sealing wax can be used. Sealing wax - a combination of resins and volatile oils with the addition of various paints. Resins used in its manufacture can be dug, rosin, shellac and turpentine. Sealing wax is made according to the following recipe: rosin or shellac is heated in the boiler, turpentine is added constantly, and other components of the mixture, such as chalk, salt, paint are added to the formed melt. Fragrance can also be added. After bringing to a homogeneous state, it is checked for hardness and brittleness. Sealing wax came from the Far East, namely from India to Spain, therefore it was known under the name “Spanish wax”. The literal translation sounds like “Wax for sealing.” High-quality sealing wax has a bright burning color, does not stick to print and makes no smoke. The tool for making prints is the wax seal . It is one of the most fashionable and relevant and unique ways to arrange gifts, diplomas, invitations, cards, etc. Our company provides a variety of engraving options on stamps, various colors of sealing wax. A wax seal allows you to add old customs to everyday life.
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