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"Wax Seal"

Wax Seal

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Sealing wax is a very fusible, colored mixture consisting of solid (volatile) resins and fillers. Sealing wax can be of various colors. It is used for applying embossed printing, mainly in the postal services (for sealing any paper and cardboard products, personal correspondence, boxes, bottles, diplomas, postal envelopes). Resins used in sealing wax can be rosin, digging, shellac or turpentine. The wax seal tool is a wax seal. Our company offers you services for the development and manufacture of wax seal. Wax seal - a stamp with an engraved company logo or pattern. This print is one of the most fashionable and unique, and most importantly relevant ways of processing gifts, diplomas, invitations, cards and other paperboard products. A wax seal consists of a brass or magnesium nozzle and a wooden handle. On the surface of the nozzle we can apply any pattern according to your desire, as well as make several interchangeable nozzles. The wax seal is made on hot wax. Thus, when curing wax, the logo of your company remains on it. This is the method of sealing that is of the highest quality, because if you try to open the package, the print will break. Wax seal is used in most cases as an element of decor or souvenir products. If you want to be original, emphasize the uniqueness of your company - wax seal will be a great choice. Also, a wax seal with a personal or family monogram printed on the nozzle will be an original gift.
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