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"Wax gun for sealing wax"

Wax gun for sealing wax

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Wax gun - a real revolution in the manufacture of wax seals, as it allows you to create wax prints without flame.

Molten sealing wax moves quickly and easily through the gun line. To do this, you only need to load the wax stick into a special hole in the back of the gun and turn it on.

A wax gun can be used to create beautiful multi-colored prints on wedding invitations, cards, private letters, as well as for packaging parcels, gifts and wine bottles.

This product will be convenient for those who need to regularly use sealing wax in small volumes.

The gun can only melt specially made wax sticks with a diameter of 12 mm.


  • small dimensions;
  • fast heating;
  • ease of use
  • no smoke;
  • lack of smell;
  • the ability to apply unique inscriptions with sealing wax.
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